Collection: Adriano D'Angelo

My work speaks of the body, of emptiness, of immobility, death, the flow of time. The impermanence of existence, investigating the mental and virtual dimension of the experience.

I love to make my works with different mediums.

I love the repetition.

I love to investigate the mystery hidden from the surface, analyze in depth the object of study.

The work is made with images of my subconscious. They become clear very slowly.

A steady source I take is the quote of titles derived from the work of artists, writers, bands and poets.

This citationist practice is rarely discovered by those who see my work.

A critic told that in my work, you can see a futuristic vision of the past: like the Woody Allen movie Sleeper, where the protagonist went into the future and looks in different way the objects that had belonged at the time from which he came. I believe this interpretation captures deeply some aspects of my work.

I’m interested in thinking about the time: what we has been, what we are and how we are changed : The body, objects and space are good materials for this analysis.

I find in my work frequent operating methods:

- In some installations the work lives through its documentation. The work lives of his photographic image since your physicality does not exist because it is made with ephemeral materials;

- Still-life objects and heterogeneous subjects.

These practices lead to a move away from the object, mediating its physicality too explicit with another medium that retain only the simulacrum or essence.

Many objects I use are autobiographical. This situation implies a feeling of melancholy for a moment now past.

The process that forms the work is its dematerialization in image: its physicality is shifted in its essence. All my works, they have an underlying nature of installation. Obviously, the dimensional works are installations that are related to space but I believe that my photos should be read in this way: the photographs are created to form a series, the series made all work.

I can not think about a work contained in a single image or a single medium: the relationship with space exists as a constant and latent presence.

The medium of painting is sometimes mentioned but not practiced, I move away from my artistic practice a ghost that is inherent to being artists in the Western world, where the painting has always permeated the concept of art.