Collection: Chromatic Alchemy

Chromatic Alchemy explores the parallels between cacti's adaptive methods of survival and humanity’s own coping mechanisms in hostile environments. Similar to cacti’s evolving spines in order to thrive in inhospitable conditions, humans navigate emotional aridity by developing their own "energetic thorns”—a defensive coping system shaped to protect against the pain of life's challenges. Captured within manicured gardens, the black and white photographs serve as a metaphor for the confining nature of unchanging environments. These structured landscapes symbolize a kind of imprisonment. However, the narrative transforms when these resilient cacti find themselves in the untamed wilderness. Within this vast expanse of emotional terrain and in effort to heal the traumas from the past, I transmute the stark, muted tones of the desert by overlaying vibrant healing colors – a symbol of optimism and hope. I seek to convey the alchemical process of turning pain into beauty, mirroring the desert's ability to bloom with vibrant life amidst its seemingly harsh conditions.