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Leo Caillard represents the new generation of emerging artists with his singular vision. Overlapping photography, technology, and imagination, his meticulously crafted images combine a delicate intertwining of the new and the historic. Collard invites us to rediscover & question our social environment with a lightness of touch, humor & sensitivity.

His “In Museum” series was widely viewed online & subsequently, since 2012, it has been featured in many international art fairs. The body of work reassigns the classical figures of the Louvre’s extensive sculpture collection in today’s contemporary attire.

This series follows the theme of Caillard… “Surprise”: The viewer is drawn to the familiar within the image, but closer inspection reveals many layers of incongruous information. This collision of elements forces the observer to question his assumptions & question the roles of the subjects presented.

In 2015, Caillard has truly opened the door to the photographic art of the twenty first century.