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Shot on film with a medium format camera-Hasselblad. All prints are archival silver gelatin prints. Signature on the back unless otherwise requested.

In Salt + Sea, the artist intentionally places women in their most vulnerable form—naked—back into a natural environment in order to display their strength against the elements. The interaction between the two forces narrows the gap between society’s hackneyed constructs of women's place in society and the unfailing honesty of the nude form— a place where her spirit can run free. The sand and rocks are representative of the harsh cultural environment, while the water demonstrates the more “fluid” nature of women.
The juxtaposition of black and white is representative of the sun, which is Light or Life, and the moon, DEATH, a mirror that reflects the light. Both are essential in creating a balance between the two parallel worlds. In addition, the latter polarity is symbolic of the division between our current social and monetary disparity between men and women and specifically, African American women. Historically, African American women are rarely photographed on sand or sea due to the racial bias atmosphere and fear instilled by their oppressors. This fear not only disempowers but suppresses a huge demographic of women in our country.

At the same time, the ocean's multi-faceted cycle has often been likened to the female temperament; a great force. Therefore, it is no surprise that salt, a vital element of the sea, has been referred to as feminine in numerous cultural mythologies as well as embodying healing properties. Thus, it is imperative that we view women as the “salt” of our communities, the essential element needed in healing this antiquated imbalance.

*Please note, as the edition gets scarce, the price is subject to increase.

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Multi-media artist Javiera Estrada was born in Mexico in 1981 and moved to the United States in 1989. Her childhood was heavily influenced by her training in classical piano and violin, which continues to inspire her aesthetic today. She attended Santa Monica College and received her Certificate of Photography in 2009 where she was the recipient of a grant for an award of excellence.

Estrada’s broad scope of work is a reflection of memories that she has shaped into her reality. A seeker of the spiritual, Estrada believes that every piece of art created is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that inner nameless world our soul inhabits. Using photography as her main visual medium, the sound of the camera's click offers her the perfect confluence between the real and the ethereal. A multifarious artist, Estrada’s creative expression encompasses traditional photography alongside mixed media. Her mixed media works are a comment on the natural cycle of decomposition and reflected through the deconstruction of the image.

Estrada has exhibited in numerous galleries and private collections internationally in the United States, Europe, and Asia. She is a 2015 finalist for the Emerging Focus Competition, as well as a 1st place showcase winner of Art Slant’s 2014 Juried Exhibition. Estrada currently works and resides in Los Angeles.


2016 Photo L.A (Jan.) L.A, CA

2015 Solo Show, Pillars of Creation (Sept-Nov) Boite Noire Gallery, Pacific Design Center. Hollywood

2015 Affordable Art Fair, (Nov) Hamburg Germany

2015 Photo Basel, (June) Basel, Switzerland

2015 Affordable Art Fair (June) Hong Kong, China

2015 Affordable Art Fair, (May) Singapore, Singapore

2015 Photo Independent (May) Hollywood, CA

2015 Solo Show, Fathom Gallery (April) L.A, CA

2015 Photo L.A (Jan.15-18) L.A, CA

2014 Solo Show “Salt + Sea” (June-Sept) Laemlee, Pasadena, CA

2014 Group Show (May)”Mysterious Flight” 508 Gallery, SM, CA

2014 Photo Independent (April) West Hollywood, CA

2014 Group Show Create Fixate (March 8) "I Art You" L.A, CA

2014 Javiera + Emma Ferreira (Feb.1-March 1) "UNION" Silent Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Group Show (Oct.10-Nov.10) "Seeing Buddha" 508 Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Group Show(April 11-May 11 2013) "Horses" Ethos Gallery, L.A, CA

2013 Mopla Group Show (April 10-June 10) "Pin-Up" Robert Berman Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Group Show (Feb.23-March 23) "A Beautiful Oblivion" 508 Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Photo L.A (Jan.17-21) Art Capitol, L.A, CA

2012 Photo L.A ( Jan.17-21Smashbox, L.A, CA

2012 Group Show (April 28th) "Snap Flash" Create Fixate, L.A, CA

2011 Group Show (Dec.8)"Face-Off" Smashbox Studios, Hollywood, CA(2nd Place)

2011 Group Show (April 9) "Rise" Create Fixate, L.A, CA

2011 Group Show (Jan. 28-April. 1) "Human Curve" Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

2011 Juried Exhibition by Craig Krull Jan. 23-Feb.23) "Photography" Topanga Art Gallery, CA

2010 Solo Show (Dec.11-Feb.23) "CROWNS + VEILS" M2 Gallery, L.A, CA

2010 Group Show (August 26) "Pro'jekt LA" Lucie Foundation, L.A, CA

2010 Group Show (April 29-May 29) "MOPLAShow" SmashBox Studio, L.A CA

2009 Group Exhibition (Oct. 25) "Unique Techniques" The Whole 9 Gallery, L.A ,CA

2009 Group Exhibition (Sept. 26) "Snap Flash", Create Fixate, L.A, CA (3rd Place for Best in Show)

2009 Group Exhibition (July1-31) "Live Nude Girls", Tracy Park Gallery, Malibu, CA

2009 Group Exhibition (May 3-29) "Dirty", Cathexis, Trim, Abbot Kinney, CA

2008 Group Exhibition (May 31-June 6), "Cathexis", Venice, CA


2015 Finalist Emerging Focus Competition

2015 Honorable Mention Moscow International Foto Awards

2015 Finalist in Best of Photography, Photographer's Forum

2014 1st Showcase Winner ART SLANT Juried Exhibit

2011 2nd Place in Smashbox Studio "FACE_OFF" Juried Show

2010 Color Finalist in Photographer's FORUM Competition for Emerging Photographers,

2010 3rd Place for Best in Show, Create Fixate Juried Show

2009 Recipient of SMC's tri-annual grant for one year mentorship program

2008 Award of Excellence Recipient of SMC's College Student Grant in Photography


2014 Mural for Brentwood Parking Garage

2014 Mural for Fabric Planet

2012 Jami Gertz for Lime Orchard Productions

2010 John Hammer


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Brett Harrelson


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Ricki Lake

Osher Gunsberg

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Into the Key Hole (UK)

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Javiera Estrada

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