Wet Vette


The 50s, 60's were the pinnacle of automotive design (some say of design in general). More an expression of the Zeitgeist than pure moving machines, these cars are admired more today than ever. They are monuments of simpler times.

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Jens is a German-born and raised photographer who still tries to find the TV America we all watched on West-German TV growing up in the Cold War 70s/80s. Along the way I find all sorts of fascinating things illuminated by the Southern California sun.
While realistic my photography is not documentary in nature. My prime influences range from Julius Shulman to Stephen Shore via a childhood exposed to Surrealism and Bauhaus. Themes range from urban night shots, urban decay, minimalism, architecture, automotive and sometimes street photography.

Born in West-Germany in 1970 I have been living in California since 2000.

Jens Ochlich

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