Alex Cornell

Alex Cornell is a San Fransisco based photographer. While his lens often gravitates towards project-based endeavors, his innate wanderlust ensures a plethora of captivating visuals from his travels. Among his most acclaimed works are the mesmerizing captures of the inverted iceberg phenomenon in the majestic landscapes of Antarctica, a testament to his ability to encapsulate the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. His photographic mastery has garnered widespread recognition, earning placements on esteemed platforms such as the illustrious front page of the Wall Street Journal, the prestigious Today Show, and the venerable halls of the Smithsonian. Furthermore, his artistry has been celebrated in leading publications including Popular Science, the Huffington Post, and numerous others. Alex's creative journey is epitomized in his seminal work, 'Breakthrough' (Princeton Architectural Press), a compelling exploration of his artistic vision and narrative prowess, now available to captivated audiences worldwide through Amazon.