Alexandra Tremaine

It takes a special eye to capture the essence of a photograph, an art with which Alexandra seems to have been born. Even though educated at Brooks Institute of Photography, one of the most esteemed learning centers for photography in the country offering all the precisions and practicalities of the art form, it is the gift of capturing that one moment, that one glance, that one feeling that is not taught in the classroom but comes from within… Alexandra Tremaine embarked on a unique adventure when she relocated to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico with her two beloved dogs and her daughter for a year. Amidst the cobblestone streets of this charming city, Alexandra found herself surrounded by a plethora of old-style VW Bugs, a nostalgic relic of Mexico's automotive history. Inspired by the universal fondness for these iconic cars, Alexandra initiated the Punch Buggy Series, initially as a lighthearted Instagram post. Encouraged by the positive reception from family and friends, she transitioned the project to her real camera, capturing the essence of each Bug she encountered. Reflecting on the widespread allure of these vehicles, Alexandra remarks, "There’s something about the old style VW Bug that brings back nostalgia from everyone I meet. They were iconic cars, and it seems that everyone over the age of 50 has a story about them." This playful nostalgia inspired Alexandra to embark on the delightful journey of documenting and immortalizing these beloved cars, a project with boundless potential for expansion and exploration. When not escaping south of the border, Alexandra can be found in Southern Connecticut, pursuing her passion for photography across various genres, including fine art, advertising, portraiture, and weddings. With her camera in hand, Alexandra continues to capture the beauty and essence of life's moments, whether it's the nostalgic charm of a vintage VW Bug or the timeless joy of a wedding celebration.