Bj Formento

Formento & Formento, emerging from a rich blend of art and fashion influences, epitomize the essence of Third Picture Generation Artists. Their portfolio, reminiscent of cinematic artistry, seamlessly blends fashion standards with evocative storytelling. Richeille Formento, a former graphics designer, crafts the style and direction, while BJ Formento captures the essence through his lens. Their inaugural collection portrayed the American West, captured during nomadic travels in a 25-foot Airstream, showcasing their knack for spontaneous creativity. In their subsequent "Japan Diaries," they approached the ancient yet modern culture with fresh perspectives, drawing from their deep-rooted appreciation of Japanese art and cinema. With each series, Formento & Formento transcend mere imagery, evoking a sense of longing for the enigmatic and the unfamiliar. Their work invites viewers to embark on a journey where reality intertwines with imagination, leaving space for endless interpretation.