Braden Gunem

Braden's passion for imagery knows no bounds, whether he's crafting his own or immersing himself in the captivating visuals of magazines at his favorite coffee shop. With an eclectic appreciation for photography across diverse genres, from adventure to fashion and food, Braden's creative spirit thrives on exploration.

An avid adventurer from a young age, Braden's childhood escapades included teaching himself to rappel from his treehouse using a homemade figure 8 descender, inspired by the cowboys in Marlboro ads. His thirst for excitement has only grown over the years, leading him to embark on thrilling expeditions across the globe.

No stranger to adversity, Braden embraces the unexpected twists and turns that define true adventure. Nestled amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, he finds inspiration in the rugged beauty of his surroundings. As a trusted collaborator for numerous outdoor brands, Braden lends his artistic vision to create compelling imagery that resonates with audiences worldwide.