Daniel Weiss

Daniel's journey into the ocean with his camera began as a quest for a place of solitude and respite. The ocean, especially during those chilly winter months in the Northeast, became his sanctuary - a place where he could try and make sense of the world. Stunning sunrises and sunsets reflected off the breaking waves captured his imagination and provided a never-ending source of amazement and wonder. As time passed, Daniel fell deeper in love with the practice of swimming out and documenting what he was seeing. But he also became curious by what lay beneath the surface. His recent travels to the Kingdom of Tonga, to photograph Humpback Whales, only fueled  his passion for exploration and creativity. He strives to not only capture what he is seeing with his camera but to create art that resonates on a more universal level.  Daniel  hopes that when you look at his work, you'll feel the same sense of awe that he did while he was out there creating these images.