Danielle Biel

Danielle's fine art collection is an evocative fusion of nudes, female silhouettes, and travel photography. She has been shooting boudoir photography for over fifteen years with clients flying in from all over the world looking to embrace and discover their sensual selves.

In her own words, Danielle reflects on her journey: "What began as a simple request from a client, turned into a career and soon, became my passion... I’m beside myself and honored to share in these beautiful moments, some emotional, all joyous. We’ve cried and laughed together, and for this, boudoir is my home. These women have taken my breath away as they share their pain, beauty, excitement and joy while experiencing boudoir…" Photographing women in an empowering way is her focus; giving a place to find and embrace self confidence and self love.

Danielle's work has garnered national attention, featured on television shows such as Inside Edition, TLC, and Get Married TV. She extends her expertise as a mentor for fellow photographers, offering guidance through video series and individual training sessions in Zurich and Los Angeles. Her photography has been featured in dozens of publications and numerous blogs.