Donn Delson

An entrepreneur and avid photographer for most of his professional life, Donn Delson's artistic efforts are focused on large scale aerial images shot from "doors off" helicopters soaring at heights over 12,000 feet, over two miles above the earth. Travelling across the globe, from Japan to The Netherlands, England to Israel, and throughout the United States, Donn has unearthed a tapestry of colors, patterns, and symmetries, both natural and man-made, that defy recognition from the ground below. Through his lens, these seemingly abstract and unrecognizable forms undergo a metamorphosis, revealing a new identity and inviting viewers into a transformative experience. His fine art limited edition works have been featured in major art shows and fairs internationally. Represented by a number of exceptional galleries, his large-scale work enjoys an extensive and loyal, private and corporate collector base worldwide. 

“I present my work exclusively in large scale to give viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the freedom of the experience, and to share the joy of being up there with me looking out without doors onto the magnificence of our world.”