Irene Suchocki

Irene Suchocki is a Canadian fine art photographer whose journey began in Toronto with dreams of Paris, eventually leading her to Montreal, where she indulges in the occasional practice of her French. It was her yearning for exploration and adventure that ignited her passion for photography, a passion she continues to pursue through her travels and encounters with nature. Her photographs of cities capture the infinite urban details, patterns, and compositions that reveal themselves along a walk down a city street. Whereas in her landscape and nature photography, her focus is on a modern and minimalist style that puts the beauty of the subject center stage while creating a peaceful and serene mood. Irene sees her work as being rooted in emotion, rather than being a record of what was seen. Much of her photography has a dream-like aesthetic that evokes the feeling of a fading memory that is a little fuzzy around the edges. It involves an exploration of color and finding the right palette to match the emotional tone of the image. Sometimes all of these elements come together perfectly to create a little poem for the eyes.