Michael Berry

Michael Berry's passion for photography as art was inspired by the prairies he explored and an appreciation of landscapes. Working in both color and black + white, the images of moody clouds, vast expanses and elementary structures convey both loneliness and power. Through a juxtaposition of elements of color, texture, patterns and geometry, Michael achieves what few photographers can: a grasp of the emotional range which raw nature bestows in a single glance.

There is skill and patience in Michael's work, as he presents us with imagery that draws the eye to broad expanses and singular subjects. Fully exploiting both horizontal and vertical planes, he captures the movement and static nature of life in its basic forms. Subjects are treated with an ethereal dignity and an understated relevance. Each work ignites the imagination, to move beyond image to narrative, providing a story of how fundamental elements define the world around us. These creations move beyond technical skill to become images of vision and insight.