Michael Duva

Michael Duva is an award-winning photographer living and working in New York City. He attended Rutgers University and school of visual arts, studying engineering\film and photography, respectively.  His photography projects and subjects span a wide range from still life to animals. Duva’s celebrated portraits of wild and domesticated animals—which he photographs on location—allow the viewer into a contemplation that is both reverent and intimate. Duva prides himself in not disturbing the animals in their environment to achieve his photographs. Whether in an aviary, a wildlife sanctuary, a farm, a zoo, or out in the wild, he waits for the perfect moment. This patience, in conjunction with a masterful technique, results in captivating portraits. The hyperrealism of details like whiskers, feathers, and fur juxtaposed against a deep black background, celebrate the intrinsic power and beauty of nature. Through his lens, Duva transcends the role of mere observer, inviting viewers to see his subjects not as objects of aesthetic admiration, but as equals deserving of reverence and respect.