Ontoshiki Photography

Ontoshiki, derived from the literal translation of the photographer's Chinese name into Japanese, encapsulates the essence of his artistic identity. Raised in Australia and currently based in Tokyo, Japan, he crafts his evocative artwork amidst the vibrant urban landscape. His thematic repertoire spans the spectrum of life, death, angst, alienation, lust, and love, delving into the intricacies of the human psyche and the urban environment. Ontoshiki is captivated by the cinematic, nostalgic, poetic, enigmatic, and unpredictable, drawn to the dark and sinister realms of existence. His work explores the interplay of dreams, symbolism, and the cryptic nature of photography, transcending language to evoke profound emotions and moods. Moreover, he is intrigued by the profound impact of colors on mood and sentiment, infusing his compositions with rich and evocative palettes.