Santolo Felaco

Santolo Felaco, a native of Naples, currently resides and creates in the vibrant city of Rome. While he holds a degree in computer science and pursues a career as a software developer, his true passion lies in the art of photography. Inspired by the world around him, Santolo embarked on a journey to explore the nuances of documentary photography, honing his craft under the mentorship of esteemed photographers such as Fausto Podavini and Massimo Mastrolillo.

Driven by a desire to delve into various subjects and experiment with different photographic styles, Santolo has embarked on numerous projects that span a wide range of topics. From capturing the intricacies of daily life to shedding light on pressing social issues, his work reflects a deep-seated curiosity about the human experience and the world we inhabit. Santolo's dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed, as he has earned recognition and accolades for his exceptional talent, solidifying his position as an award-winning photographer. Alongside his creative pursuits, he is also the Co-founder of L.I.S.A. collective, a collaborative platform for photographers, and the visionary founder and curator of Discarded Magazine, a publication dedicated to showcasing compelling visual narratives.Through his lens, Santolo endeavors to unravel the complexities of existence and offer viewers a fresh perspective on the world. His photography serves as a medium for exploration, understanding, and connection, inviting audiences to join him on a journey of discovery and introspection.