Stefano Fogato

Stefano Fogato brings an impressive 50-plus years of expertise to his role as an anthropology photographer, driven by a profound passion for capturing the essence of culture, art, nature, and society. His journey into photography began in 1983 while residing on Levanzo, a small island in the Egadi archipelago. Immersed in the island's life, he spent four years documenting the daily experiences of its fishermen, which profoundly influenced his photographic style.

In 1988, he transitioned to Palermo to embark on a professional photography career. A pivotal moment occurred in 1991 when he was appointed as the official photographer for the renowned Theatre du Soleil, establishing connections with industry luminaries such as Martine Frank, Henry Cartier-Bresson, and Michelle Laurant. His exclusive partnership with the theatre continues to this day.

His work has gained international recognition through exhibitions across Europe and collaborations with various magazines. Notable among his recent accomplishments is the publication of "The Tuna Fishermen of Favignana," a captivating exploration of Sicilian tuna fishing. Currently, he is working on additional projects centered around Sicilian culture and the Theatre du Soleil of Paris.

A dedicated reporter, he finds inspiration in the intricacies of everyday life, making each moment an opportunity for artistic expression.