5 Award Winning Photographers on PurePhoto

5 Award Winning Photographers on PurePhoto

PurePhoto is fortunate enough to represent some of the world’s most talented fine art photographers. We don’t like to boast, but our collection is big…really big. Among all of those beautiful photographs are works by numerous award-winning artists that are must-sees (and we hope you’ll add their work to your collection, too)!

Narrowing the list down to just 5 was tricky! Without further adieu, check out these 5 award winning photographers and a selection of their work below:


  1. Cheryl Maeder - 2014 Palm Beach Juried Competition Selected Artist representing Palm Beach, awards include Artoteque Biennial Contemporary Art Award of Excellence & Women in Photography International Photography Award

Dreamscapes, La Mer I by Cheryl Maeder


 Akos Major 
    - 2012 - International Fine Art Photography Award - 1st place in Landscape category

Ferrari World-Abu Dhabi, UAE 2013 by Akos Major



 Gillian Lindsay 
    - 2014 Winner of the International Color Awards - Photography Masters Cup and 2014 Black & White Spider Awards - 4 Nominations

Left: Venus by Gillian Lindsay. Right: Bella Donna by Gillian Lindsay.



 Garret Suhrie 
    - 2013 Photographer of the Year, Professional Photographer Magazine & Finalist, Smithsonian Magazine Annual Photo Contest

Swallowed by the Desert Sands by Garret Suhrie



 Paul Souders 
      - 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest Grand Prize and Nature Winner (Want to know how he got this shot?
 Check it out here 

The Ice Bear by Paul Souders
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