Aerial Shooters 2

Aerial Shooters 2


PurePhoto is home to some of the world's most audacious photographers, a collective of individuals who redefine the limits of creativity and courage. These world-class aerial artists defy gravity and risk everything, hanging precariously from helicopters, to capture breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime images. Each photograph is a testament to their fearless pursuit of the perfect shot, showcasing perspectives that are as exhilarating as they are unique. This collection is more than just photography; it's a celebration of the extreme, the bold, and the artistry found at the edge of the world.


Divergence, by Drew Doggett-PurePhoto

Drew Doggett: Why I Do What I Do

Have you ever had a life-altering moment that changed the course of your world?

"I didn’t have just one of those but instead had a series of occurrences that, when linked together, have shaped my life’s work. It all started sitting high in the Himalayas as I waited out an impassable storm…"

 And has continued across 7 continents and the most harsh and remote environments around the globe. Braving swimming horses, charging elephants, the hottest desert sand dunes and flying high above the last of the J-Class and 12-Meter Yachts left in the world. Follow this multi award-winning photographer on a journey with the last of these iconic ships on a 115 day photographic journey from New England to Sardinia.

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Amsterdam Schiphol 24 (Kaagbaan), by Mike Kelley-PurePhoto

Mike Kelley: Wake Turbulence: Most photographs work to capture a single decisive moment. Each Airportrait is captured over an extended time period, anywhere from three hours to nearly sixteen hours. Using a stationary camera, every aircraft movement during the given time period is meticulously captured. The hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resulting images are then culled and each departing aircraft is cut, stitched, and assembled onto a background image taken during the same time period. This process creates a temporally expanded composite image of the airport, showing a day's worth of air traffic and activity.

This stunning image composite of planes departing from LAX during a 24-hour period has been reposted on nearly one million websites. It was meticulously crafted to accurately depict flight paths. Mike has been commissioned to create similar images at major airports, including London's Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol, Dubai International, Flughafen Munich, Zurich, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and many others.

Airplane Candy, by Mike Kelley-PurePhoto

V1, by Mike Kelley-PurePhoto

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The Nelder Plot, by Garret Suhrie-PurePhoto

Garret Suhrie: In the 15+ years we have been friends you always feel like you are sitting with a shaman or monk that says everything without saying anything. The one thing you notice right off the bat is the quiet confidence and pure contentment at just being alive.

You won't find much written about Garret as he is as humble as he is one of the most talented photographers on the planet. Ironically, this award-winning photographer started his career with one of the loudest most audacious and wonderfully controversial photographers in the world; David LaChapelle. But this quiet explorer has gone on to be featured in the Smithsonian, The Daimler Art Collection and has dozens of other prestigious accolades. 

He is one of the last great solo expedition photographers I know of. Spending the last 20 years living wherever in the endless pursuit of the perfect shot. Traveling to the most remote places on the planet with his 3-legged dog Gitzo - named after the world's best camera tripod of the same name.

Out of Place, by Garret Suhrie-PurePhoto

Pump Station #1, by Garret Suhrie-PurePhoto

Path Through Pine Log, by Garret Suhrie-PurePhoto

Winter Break #2, by Garret Suhrie-PurePhoto

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