Collection: Bushwick_Brooklyn, NY

Rafael Fuchs is one of the most distinguished and influential contemporary photographers.
His diversity in his approach to the media enables him to produce different bodies of work, that all bear a common thread of scrutiny and provocative explorations under the surface, that enables us to examine ourselves.
His unique and wicked self portraits war photographs got him the attention of Francois Hebel , who included them in a show titled: Young Creatives, in Paris in 1984, and got him also the first award for portraiture by APA in the USA .
Whether it is a portrait of Colin Powell for Life magazine, Burt Reynolds or Emily Watson for Entertainment Weekly, Geraldo Rivera or JK Rowling for People magazine, elaborate tableaux for advertising campaigns, as well as his self-portraits or snapshots while traveling extensively in the US or abroad , you can always feel a relentless observer who is trying to peel the surface and find the other story behind the image he captures.
Rafael was born on March 30th in Tel Aviv Israel (trivia: same calendar day as the painters Vincent Van Gogh and Francisco Goya.)
He moved to Paris in 1984, after receiving a BFA at the Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem, and shortly after he traveled to NY for the first time in 1985, where he has been staying since.
He has been receiving numerous photo awards from CA, PDN,APA, AP, and more, has been participating in a few group as well as solo exhibitions , and contributed his images to numerous publications. (For more detailed info, please, contact the studio).
Having a multicolor personality, and being outgoing as he is, lands Rafael occasional appearances in front of the camera as in Saturday Night Life.
Some of his latest projects are a solo show (Dec. 2009), titled Fuchs_Now, and a limited edition book I Am Amerikan.
He, currently, resides in Brooklyn,NY, and , while, still, accepting commissioned work, is working on several personal projects, and continuing publishing different books of his work. Amongst those are: Rude Nudes (title in progress) and Bushwick_The First Chapter.

2002: “Artists To Artists”. The Ace gallery, NYC. A group show of artists of The Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation.
2005: Collaborated with Shirin Neshat for

Solo shows :
2006: “The way We Live”. Ad-Hoc gallery, Bklyn, NY
2009: “Fuchs_Now”. Eastern District gallery, Bklyn, NY
2012: “Till We Bleed”  Fuchs Projects, Bklyn, NY
2013: “Everything Must Go”   (To see the catalog, click:
2013:  “The Modernism Of Curiosity”  (To see the catalog, click )
2014: "LandLords" (Upcoming: Feb. 21st.-March 23d.)
2014: “ 100 Polaroids From The Turn of the Millennium"
2015: "The New Religion" (See a catalog: )
2015: "Change Of Seasons"
2016: "The Conclusion"
2016: "Hipster Sex"

Published 10 books. Partial list: “I Am Amerikan”, “Transgenders in the Mid-West”,“Raw_One”.
To see some of the books :