Collection: Colossal Shadows: Super Tuskers of East Africa

There are only 24 super tusk elephants left on Earth.  With tusks weighing a combined 200 lbs or more, these magnificent creatures are kings of the elephant world.  Both as relics of a time past, and as pillars of the Animal Kingdom, they are emblematic of the supreme majesty of Mother Nature, and intelligent beyond belief.  Stoic yet emotionally aware, giant yet epically silent, super tuskers command attention with an unyielding magnetism.

"Seeing one of these mighty super tuskers in the wild is on par with seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.  From their epic proportions to their rich history, it's hard to fathom the existence of what's in front of you".  -Drew Doggett

Their near-disappearance was due to the hands of humans, yet they managed to survive by hiding deep within the African bush. Their existence today is a testament to the intelligence and resilience of Mother Nature. When Drew learned about the precarious position of these elephants within the delicate balance of wildlife in East Africa, he decided to search out and document the largest tuskers left on Earth, to share their story with the world.

From a limited edition, each work is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper, which sets the standard for image definition and color depth. Each print includes an embossed certificate of authenticity and is signed + numbered.