Collection: Ephemeral Shores

Inspired by the perfect, unexpected light one early morning on a remote stretch of the seemingly infinite Oregon Coast, Drew created his first series in color, Ephemeral Shores.  The series celebrates this intriguing part of the world which is at risk of slipping away unsung due to changing water levels and other climate-related factors.

Two thousand years ago, an earthquake shifted part of an ancient Sitka spruce forest into the tidal zone here. Until a series of particularly violent storms in the late 1990’s the remains were preserved, buried deep within the sand. Today this area is known by locals as the ‘Neskowin Ghost Forest,’ only visible amongst the sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean during the lowest of tides in winter. The now-constant exposure to the elements means it is likely these trees will decompose faster than ever, eventually to vanish entirely, and Drew chose to hone in on the ocean as a serene counterpoint to the drama and tension of the disappearing forest.

From a limited edition, each work is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper, which sets the standard for image definition and color depth. Each print includes an embossed certificate of authenticity and is signed + numbered.