Collection: Illuminated Lines

I am inspired by nature..the vast spectrum of emotions, as last seen in Lines of Water. From the calming sounds, and invigorating mists, to the threatening, powerful intensity that enlivens/awakens our souls.

In my new series "Illuminated Lines" I find a similar range of emotions in the beautiful architectural monuments that we are drawn to on our globe. From Gustavs, Eiffel Tower to the High Sofia, to the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NY..their power to inspire to create, dream, and be exhilarated continue to beckon to me.

An illuminated line guides our vision and thus our attention toward the light..and thus closer to discovering our inspirations. Whether it is a individual momentary stillness or a collective experiential moment, an Illuminated Line offers a reminder to continue to discover what inspires each of us…and beyond.