Collection: Location

Massive ice flows in Iceland humble a solitary skinny dipper; a couple holding hands walks into the vast, undulating white dunes of du Pilat, France; impossibly lush, dense foliage all but envelops long-forgotten marks of civilization. Lusztyk’s landscape-based series Location explores the delicate symbiosis of humanity and its environments by capturing the moments when (and where) adventure meets the faraway. Described as eliciting a kind of “sympathetic voyeurism,” these images are at once inhabited and lonely—immediate and distant—the human figure an almost imperceptible feature against a sublime landscape. Lusztyk’s signature, large-scale editions allow for a twofold appreciation of sweeping views together with intimate, human details. These candid scenes are homages to both the natural world, and our unrelenting impulse to explore its awe-inspiring phenomena.