Collection: Salton Sea Project

has been described by his peers as "the 24 year old phenom with vision far beyond his years." A graduate of the famed Brooks Institute of Photography, he grew up nestled beneath the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah. He came to love the abundant splendor of the outdoors that the state had to offer and soon became involved in activities including snowboarding, backpacking, cycling, and fly fishing. Unable to ignore the beauty of his surroundings, Bryce turned to photography as a way to communicate his wonderment and creatively express his vision. Finding unparalleled satisfaction with this artistic outlet, the passion stuck. Bryce parted with his beloved mountains in order to pursue an education in photography. Bryce recently exhibited at the Pickett Fairbanks Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. Aside from his love for photography, Bryce enjoys all things Dutch, playing with his super-genius dog Keesha, and spending time with his firey, red-headed, flute-playing wife.

PurePhoto Notes:
We chose Bryce's work primarily based on his Salton Sea studies, although we love it all. The Salton Sea is a landscape photographed by thousands of photographers a year yet Bryce captured them in a new way. You don't see the heat and desolation often depicted in images of that dry, forgotten land. He, instead, chose to show a place full of life and recovery. He has a gift for composition that rivals the old masters twice his age, most of them long gone from this world. He is quickly becoming one of the top emerging young artists based on the West Coast and a must have for those just starting their collections. We are offering Bryce's work across all 3 of our Collections with the majority being held in our Limited Edition Section.