Collection: Squared Visions

Andrea Buzzichelli began photographing in the 1990s. Since that time he has worked on numerous photographic projects. His is a personal search and does not pretend to recount anything beyond that which he observes. Many of his shots are individual and do not easily lend themselves to falling into traditional categories or portfolio groupings. He sees photography as a potent antidepressant and he cannot live without it. Mostly involved in fine art photography, in recent years he has developed a strong interest in professional photography , specializing in fashion and advertising photography. His work has been exhibited in Italy and abroad, in cities including Florence , Milan, London New York, and Saint Petersburg. He has most recently exhibited as a member of the "collettivo Synapsee" ( which has created and produced a series of exhibitions on show throughout Italy.

2007, selected Premio Celeste Fotografia
2009, September, exposition, Ritratto dell' ex ospedale psichiatrico di Volterra, Florence.
2011, February, exposition, 3 ways of seeing, The Tavistock Centre , London UK
2011, September. Photo Vernissage, Saint Petersburg.
2012, shortlisted in ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL
2012, February, "krappy camera competition winner" and exhibition at SOHO GALLERY , New York.
2012, June, exposition,Terra Nostra ( Collettivo Synapsee ), Rosignano Fotofestival, Rosignano marittimo (LI).
2012, August, exposition, Terra Nostra ( Collettivo Synapsee ), FacePhotoNews Fotofestival, Sassoferrato ( AN ).
2013, January, exposition, Terra Nostra ( Collettivo Synapsee ), WSP Photography Gallery, Rome.
2013 , honorable mention PX3 prix de la photographie, Paris.
2013 , first, second and third place in the Tpzac Zebra award with images from "Imaginary World" .
2013, March, exposition, Another Life (Collettivo Synapsee), Fotofabbrica, Piacenza.
2013, May, exposition, Another Life (Collettivo Synapsee), Factory10, Latina.
2013, May, exposition, Another Life (Collettivo Synapsee), Fotografia Europea OFF, Reggio Emilia.
2013, May, exposition, Imaginary World, Occhi Rossi Festival, Roma.
2013, May, honorable mention for "Imaginary World", Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia.
2013, August, on PRIVATE
2013, August, exposition ,Another Life (Collettivo Synapsee), FacePhotoNews Photofestival, Sassoferrato (AN).
2013, August, Honorable mention for fine art projects . INTERNATIONAL KONTINENT AWARD
2013, August, selected for the final exposition at the Centre of fine Art Photography .CENTER FORWARD 2013
2013, September, Juror Awards of Merit Grand Prix de la decouvert , Paris
2013, September , imaginary World in the final exhibition of the International Photographic Salon Varna , Bulgaria
2013, September, honorable mention IPA 2013 , cat. professional wedding
2013, September, honorable mention IPA 2013 , cat. professional fine art
2013, September, honorable mention PREMIO G. TABO' with "Imaginary World"
2013, October, honorable mention Black & White Spider Awards with "Imaginary World"
2014, February, "KRAPPY KAMERA competition winner" and exhibition at SOHO GALLERY , New York.
2014, March, "Raiko plastic camera competition winner" and exhibition at RAIKO GALLERY , San Francisco.
2014, May, being a Nominee at the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup.
2014, June, selected artist at the Somerville Toy Camera Festival 2014, Somerville, Massachusetts.
2014, July, contest winner MALAMEGI lab art collection
2014 September, exhibition, Imaginary World, Spello Photo Fest, Perugia.
2014 October 6th to 9th, exhibition, Imaginary World, The Others fair in TURIN
2014 November , 1st place Fine Art category ND AWARDS
2015, February, "KRAPPY KAMERA competition winner" and exhibition at SOHO GALLERY , New York.
2015, November, "ParaPhotò Festival", inside Paratissima in Turin
2016, February, Parco exibition with Collettivo Synapsee at Galleria Fonderia 20.9, Verona.
2016, February, Dummy photobook exibition, Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo
2016, March, Dummy photobook exibition, Galleria T-Space, Milano
2016, April, The mind's Eye, Jurors merit gallery winner
2016 April, selected for the exibition at the RIGA PHOTOMONTH FESTIVAL with INHABITANTS
2016 June, exposition, Sassoferrato PhotoFace festival with INHABITANTS
2016 September, exposition Rosignano Photo Festival , with INHABITANTS
2016 October, selected for SLIDELUCK Prato .
2016 December, collective exposition at Lato Gallery Prato
2016 December, INHABITANTS, 6 pages published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
2017 March, INHABITANTS, featured

2017 June , personal Exhibition (retrospettiva) Galleria LATO - Prato

2017 September, personal exhibition, Ihabitants, Spello Photo Fest, Perugia.

2017 September, INHABITANTS BOOK!!! finally out published by URBANAUTICA

2017 September, featured by ARTPIL

2017 October, personal exhibition at R.O.A.M. gallery Rome

2018 January, personal exibition at Lombardi Arte Siena