Collection: Vintage New York

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My father, Raymond Martinot, has been a photographer for over 55 years. These are some of the images I selected from his travels during the early part of his long career.

Raymond was born in Paris, France in 1944. He took up photography just before his military service at age 18, where he was stationed in Germany. He then began his travels with a trip to the Northernmost point in Norway, on a Vespa scooter, capturing images on film along the way. After establishing a photography business in Paris, he traveled to New York, Morocco, Ireland and other parts of France.

The photographs of (mostly) unsuspecting subjects are voyeuristic, candid and at times reveal his ever-present sense of humor. I believe this is also where he developed a deep appreciation for architecture. Later in his career, Raymond would shoot advertising, architecture and Art.

I discovered the complete archive not long ago, and have been consumed with uncovering this very personal part of my father's life. It's as if I now get to experience these moments through the very lens he used to see the world.