Anthony Lamb

Anthony Lamb, an award-winning fine art photographer, originally hails from the North of England and currently resides in Abu Dhabi. His journey into the world of photography was shaped by a deep-seated appreciation for the arts, cultivated during his time at Art College and through his pursuit of a BA in Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham University. From a young age, Anthony's travels to remarkable destinations such as the European Alps, North Africa, and the Scottish Highlands instilled in him a profound love for the wilderness and a reverence for uninhabited landscapes. It was these experiences that sparked his fascination with minimalist art and design, ultimately leading him to embrace photography as a medium for capturing the essence of his outdoor adventures. In Anthony's evocative compositions, negative space and an ethereal aesthetic combine to evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the emotions of the captured moments. His post-production techniques lend a pastel expressionism to his images, further enhancing their emotive impact. With a penchant for minimalism and a deep affinity for water and open spaces, Anthony's portfolio reflects narratives that transcend traditional landscapes, offering viewers a glimpse into a world suspended between reality and imagination. His fine art limited edition prints are sought after by collectors around the globe, testament to the universal appeal of his captivating imagery.