Collection: Coastal Connections

British born Anthony Lamb is a fine art photographer based in the UK and United Arab Emirates. Anthony was always motivated to pursue a career in the arts, attending art college and completing a BA (Hons) in Furniture and Product Design. His interest in photography was a combination of several influences. When he was young, he was lucky enough to travel to some extraordinary locations such as The Alps, Africa and The Highlands of Scotland. These visits fuelled Anthony’s love of the wilderness and created an appreciation for uninhabited areas, places where solitary embodiment was possible. Combining his fascination with the natural environment and his passion for minimalist art and design, inspired Anthony to pick up a camera in 2003. His intention; to document his outdoor experiences using a simplistic interpretation of the landscape.

In his photographs, negative space and an ethereal aesthetic provide the viewer with a sense of serenity and calm, interpreting the emotions of the moments captured. His post-production style offers pastel expressionism to soothe the soul further. Incorporating a minimalistic approach within his photography and drawn to water and open space; you will see these narratives in many of his photographs. “My wish is to offer different frames of reference that transport you to a place suspended between reality and your imagination.” Anthony has over 40 international photography awards, and his work has appeared internationally in exhibitions, galleries, magazines, interior decor stores and his fine art limited edition prints are collected globally.