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Kenya Hara's Pencil

Kenya Hara's Pencil

Secret Life Of Pencils

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"No Frame": If you'll be framing this piece on your own, choose this option, and we'll include a 1" white border around the print to make the job easier.
"Frame - Mat": This includes a 2" mat, and the finished piece will be about 6" wider and 6" taller than the image size.
"Frame - No Mat": With this option, the image takes up the entire space within the frame, and the finished piece will be about 2" wider and 2" taller than the image size.
All of our framing is built to order in the US by hand, so expect some slight variation in the above dimensions.
Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Ask us about custom sizes, framing options, or specialty paper types.

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Kenya Hara
Graphic Designer, Writer
Black pencil black background

A luminary in the realm of luxury design, Hara masterfully intertwines opulent aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. From graphic design to exquisite product development, his innovative touch defines a realm of sophistication, cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in the world of luxurious visual and functional landscapes.