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Christina Craemer

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"No Frame": If you'll be framing this piece on your own, choose this option, and we'll include a 1" white border around the print to make the job easier.
"Frame - Mat": This includes a 2" mat, and the finished piece will be about 6" wider and 6" taller than the image size.
"Frame - No Mat": With this option, the image takes up the entire space within the frame, and the finished piece will be about 2" wider and 2" taller than the image size.
All of our framing is built to order in the US by hand, so expect some slight variation in the above dimensions.
Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Ask us about custom sizes, framing options, or specialty paper types.

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Christina Craemer

Christina Craemer (b. 1971, Philadelphia, United States) is a fine art painter and photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. Craemer prefers to work in these media in order to harness her unique vision; to evoke a feeling or symmetry that may not have been present at the time of the original capture. Inspired by a deep love of light, and its ability to create subtle shifts of tone, dramatic contrast, or balance upon each object or being. The way light shapes our experience and perception, which in turn metamorphoses into a spontaneous emotional response.

The principal subject of Craemer's work is nature and the effects of it to influence a state of calm, healing, and connect us to the source of our innate abundance. Her art-making process currently comprises photography and oil paint. It is through these mediums she can further explore unique combinations of similar natural forms to realize her visual sanctuaries. This is important to Craemer’s work and how she develops the imagery from initial inspiration to the meticulous and labor intensive process of creating more complex and detailed works. Her play of scale allows for each individual to be fully immersed and present with her vision.

“Craemer’s images are powerful compositions that envelope the viewer in her personal realizations of organic forms found in nature that create a unique emotional experience.” - Paul Dahmen, Gallery Director FP Contemporary

Recent installations include the iconic Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons Hotel’s, and as part of collections in current shows in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Maui, and Miami. Craemer’s work is held in the private collections of notable art collectors worldwide.

For over two decades, Christina Craemer has been an integral addition to both the design and fine art communities in Los Angeles. Her award winning ARC54, architectural and interior design firm, specializes in exclusive residential design and seamlessly interfaces with ART54, her art consulting firm to create dynamic, holistic design experiences.