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Momentary Rise, by Drew Doggett

Momentary Rise, by Drew Doggett

Drew Doggett

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Every piece is made to order, and is printed only by carefully selected labs on museum-grade archival papers that will stand the test of time. Please reach out with any questions, we're here to help!

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From the artist:

"In popular culture, hippos get characterized as fun-loving, happy-go-lucky creatures. Yet in reality, they are fiercely territorial as well as immensely shy, always with their eyes on you and watching your every move as if daring you to get closer.

To photograph them safely, you need to remain far enough away so they cannot charge as the males can weigh up to 4,000 lbs.; that’s the size of a pickup truck! For me, this represented quite the challenge as the image I wanted to capture involved being close enough to the hippo that the resulting photograph felt intimate.

I knew I wanted to be at eye level with the hippo in order to make it feel as if the image was honoring his presence and to create a shot that felt engaging. However, hippos only reappear above the surface every so often and only for a few seconds, so I had to anticipate where they might pop up and get ready. I’m no stranger to the delicate balance of safety and creating the shot I have in mind when in the field, and creating this image was no exception.

In the Naboisho Conservancy outside of the Maasai Mara, there was a spot to photograph the hippos that was about as close to perfect as possible. This location was near our camp, against a minimal backdrop of deep green foliage, and on a steep embankment on the edge of a dark stream. Each morning and evening as we passed this location, I’d get my camera out and try to focus while using the door of our Land Cruiser so as not to break the line of the car.

Finally, on our last day there, all of the forces aligned. The weather had temporarily ceased which meant the stillness on the water was velvety smooth and the cloud cover dramatically enhanced the surrounding plants to create a layered, patterned backdrop. I can still recall the intensity of the eye contact I made with this animal as he locked his gaze on me, deciding if I was a friend or foe.

Moments after clicking the shutter- and without any warning- the hippo began to move in my direction as if his weight and the water between us were no obstacle. I jumped back into our vehicle, ever grateful for our guide, Paul, who is always three steps ahead, as he safely piloted our vehicle away. The hippo promptly disappeared back into the dark water of his home, only a trail of bubbles as any indication he was there seconds ago.

During this moment, our meager footprint as humans in places like this came into stark perspective; I was in his territory no matter the distance I stayed away."

Exceptional Creatures is a limited edition print series documenting the most extraordinary animals roaming our Earth.

From a limited edition, this work is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper, which sets the standard for image definition and color depth. Each print includes an embossed certificate of authenticity and is signed + numbered.

Drew Doggett

Drew Doggett is an award-winning photographer and director whose work tells the extraordinary stories of diverse cultures, communities, and wildlife through a fashion-inspired lens. In 2020, he was named number one in the US and fourth globally for black and white photography by One Eyeland. His photographic work can be found in public collections globally, notably the Smithsonian African Art Museum (DC) and the Mariners’ Museum (VA), as well as in hundreds of corporate and private collections, including that of Alec Baldwin, Gloria Steinem, Nicole Ari Parker, Eric Church, the Waldorf Astoria, Wynn Casinos, and the Four Seasons (HI). Drew has received over 120 awards and honors for his images, including a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. His artwork has been featured in many publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune, The Daily Mail, and Outside Magazine, and he has partnered with brands like Ralph Lauren, Hasselblad, and Leica. His short films have received critical attention, notably at the Big Sur International Film Festival and the PBS Online Film Festival. He currently serves as an ambassador for Re:wild, a conservation organization founded by Leonardo DiCaprio and Global Wildlife Conservation.