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Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Javiera Estrada

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"No Frame": If you'll be framing this piece on your own, choose this option, and we'll include a 1" white border around the print to make the job easier.
"Frame - Mat": This includes a 2" mat, and the finished piece will be about 6" wider and 6" taller than the image size.
"Frame - No Mat": With this option, the image takes up the entire space within the frame, and the finished piece will be about 2" wider and 2" taller than the image size.
All of our framing is built to order in the US by hand, so expect some slight variation in the above dimensions.
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Javiera Estrada

Multi-media artist, Javiera Estrada, was born in Acapulco, Mexico in 1981, and emigrated to the United States in 1989. Javiera’s broad scope of work, which includes photography, mixed media, photograms, film, and textiles, is influenced by her memories of growing up in Acapulco—a tropical paradise of vibrant colors, steeped in spiritual ritual and magical realism.
Estrada’s mystical affinity for bridging the gap between the conscious landscape of reality and the subconscious world of the spiritual can be seen throughout her work. Philosophically, Estrada rejects Cartesian dualism and its compartmentalization of the whole, embracing a worldview of interconnectivity and unity consciousness. Artistically, she seeks to unify the mundane and the sacred.

Javiera examines the theme of interconnected consciousness in a multitude of ways. From incorporating female bodies as sculptural forms in organic communion with nature, to creating galactic primordial environments with inks—fluid and formless, structures representing the “prima materia,” original essence of existence. The juxtaposition of shadow and light play a recurring role in Estrada’s explorations as well, representing the internal struggle between the spiritual and the physical.
Estrada describes her artistic process as both frenzied and laborious. The work is multi-layered and time-consuming, a technique she sees as inducing presence, while moving away from the high-speed nature of the digital age. The initial messy, chaotic stage of unknowing is essential to Estrada’s process, as it allows for connection with the deeper, subconscious elements wanting to emerge through the work.
Estrada has exhibited in the United States, Europe (London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland) and Singapore. In 2020, her solo show in Las Vegas received a Certificate of Special Congressional Commendation for the Arts from the United States Congress. Recently, she was commissioned to create a site-specific piece for the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Estrada currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


2020 Solo Show, (Jan) Las Vegas Library Gallery, Nevada
2019 Group Show, Fathom Gallery, (Sept) Santa Monica, CA
2019 Commissioned Mural Exhibit, (Sept) Soho House, West Hollywood, CA 2018 Group Show, Kevin Barry Fine Art, (March) L.A, CA
2018 Saatchi Art Fair, Barker Hanger, SM, CA
2018 Solo Show, Pillars of Creation (June) Skye Gallery, Aspen, CO
2018 We Rise Group Show(May) L.A, CA
2018 Solo Show, Nocturnal Visions (June) Show Gallery, Hollywood, CA 2018 Group Show, Kevin Barry Fine Art, (March) L.A, CA
2018 Saatchi Art Group Show, (March) Constructed, L.A, CA
2018 Affordable Art Fair, (March)London
2017 Saatchi + Ebay (Nov.) Exhibition London
2016 Photo L.A, (Jan), L.A CA
2015 Solo Show Pillars of Creation (Sept.-Oct) Boite Noire Gallery, PDC, CA
2015 Affordable Art Fair, (Nov.) Hamburg, Germany
2015 Photo Basel, (June) Basel, Switzerland
2015 Affordable Art Fair (June) Hong Kong, China
2015 Affordable Art Fair, (May) Singapore, Singapore
2015 Photo Independent (May) L.A, CA
2015 Photo L.A (Jan.) L.A, CA
2014 Group Show (Feb.) Create Fixate, Venice, CA
2014 Solo Show “Salt + Sea” (June-Sept) Laemlee, Pasadena, CA
2014 Group Show (May)”Mysterious Flight” 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2014 Photo Independent (April) West Hollywood, CA
2014 Group Show Create Fixate (March 8) "I Art You" L.A, CA
2014 Javiera + Emma Ferreira (Feb.1-March 1) "UNION" Silent Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Group Show (Oct.10-Nov.10) "Seeing Buddha" 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Group Show (April 11-May 11 2013) "Horses" Ethos Gallery, L.A, CA
2013 Mopla Group Show (April 10-June 10) "Pin-Up" Robert Berman Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Group Show (Feb.23-March 23) "A Beautiful Oblivion" 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Photo L.A (Jan.17-21) Art Capitol, L.A, CA
2012 Photo L.A ( Jan.17-21 Smashbox, L.A, CA
2012 Group Show (April 28th) "Snap Flash" Create Fixate, L.A, CA
2011 Group Show (Dec.8)"Face-Off" Smashbox Studios, Hollywood, CA (2nd Place)
2011 Group Show (April 9) "Rise" Create Fixate, L.A, CA
2011 Group Show (Jan. 28-April. 1) "Human Curve" Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA
2011 Juried Exhibition by Craig Krull Jan. 23-Feb.23) "Photography" Topanga Art Gallery, CA
2010 Solo Show (Dec.11-Feb.23) "CROWNS + VEILS" M2 Gallery, L.A, CA
2010 Group Show (August 26) "Pro'jekt LA" Lucie Foundation, L.A, CA
2010 Group Show (April 29-May 29) "MOPLA Show" SmashBox Studio, L.A CA
2009 Group Exhibition (Oct. 25) "Unique Techniques" The Whole 9 Gallery, L.A ,CA
2009 Group Exhibition (Sept. 26) "Snap Flash", Create Fixate, L.A, CA (3rd Place for Best in Show)
2009 Group Exhibition (July1-31) "Live Nude Girls", Tracy Park Gallery, Malibu, CA 2009 Group Exhibition (May 3-29) "Dirty", Cathexis, Trim, Abbot Kinney, CA
2008 Group Exhibition (May 31-June 6), "Cathexis", Venice, CA
2020 Lens Culture Critic’s Choice
2020 Finalist Coca Project
2020 Finalist in Creative Urban Photo

2018 Saatchi Art: Ones to Watch
2017 Winner of Fine Art Nudes ND Awards
2015 Finalist Emerging Focus Competition
2015 Honorable Mention Moscow International Foto Awards
2015 Finalist in Best of Photography, Photographer’s Forum
2014 1st Showcase Winner ART SLANT Juried Exhibit
2011 2nd Place in Smashbox Studio "FACE_OFF" Juried Show
2010 Color Finalist in Photographer's FORUM Competition for Emerging Photographers, 2010 3rd Place for Best in Show, Create Fixate Juried Show
2009 Recipient of SMC's tri-annual grant for one year mentorship program
2008 Award of Excellence Recipient of SMC's College Student Grant in Photography