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Space Invader, by Donn Delson

Space Invader, by Donn Delson

Donn Delson

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Every piece is made to order, and is printed only by carefully selected labs on museum-grade archival papers that will stand the test of time. Please reach out with any questions, we're here to help!

Limited Edition of 7

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Points of View is a collection about visual perspective, and serves as a lighthearted, artistic reminder that often things are not what they appear to be at first glance. These aerial sightings from doors off helicopters at heights up to 12,000 feet are unexpected, and always serendipitous.

Available only in large scale, these images invite the viewer to step into the door-less helicopter and to accompany the artist thousands of feet above the earth to experience the freedom and joy of the unencumbered vista below.

Printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archival paper and mounted frameless under TruLife non-glare, 99% UV protected, scratch resistant, museum grade optically clear acrylic to further enhance the purity and freedom of the viewing experience. A French cleat mounting museum back provides for easy wall hanging.